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Anger Management

Anger Management

Anger Management
Anger is an emotional feeling that arises due to frustration, injustice, criticism or of anything that affects our emotional quotient. Anger and aggression has always created a state of dilemma in the minds of people. Where anger is an emotion, aggression is a behavior. We need to understand that not everyone who is angry has an aggressive behavior. The degree of anger we exhibit varies and it depends on the events or actions that provoked our inner feelings. 

Anger is a universal problem faced by every human being because it’s an expression that comes due to the sudden outburst of feelings causing emotional imbalance in individuals. Anger is definitely not a problem but when individuals lose their emotional stability due to anger then it becomes a complication that needs to be managed and controlled. There anger management comes into play which aids individuals to deal with the situations that stimulates their anger and helping them to handle it in a positive way. People who show out their anger by shouting or screaming are way better than those who suppress their emotions and feelings. The latter personalities are considered as passive-aggressive and they may be doing more damage to themselves by covering up.

Negative aspects of anger:
• Both body and mind are affected by a moment of fury. The health consequences of continual anger are very severe and have to be dealt in pacifying such outburst immediately.
• Words spoken in anger are mightier than the sword cuts, in means of the scars they leave at the hearts of both the speaker and the listener.
• It might lead to health problems ranging from high blood pressure to heart problems.
• Anger may also contribute in decreasing the immunological defense mechanism of the body. When the immune system weakens the body becomes susceptible to all kinds of diseases.
• Uncontrolled and excessive anger thus affects a person’s entire well being both physical and emotional.

How to deal with anger:
• It takes plenty of self-awareness and self-control to deal with anger that arouses in work environment as well as at home.
• Before individuals utter a word, they need to think about the impact of their anger over their listeners. Its not about bottling up your emotions but expressing them in a non-injurious way both for yourself as well as others.
• If you feel your anger is uncontrollable at that moment just walk out of the place or the situation temporarily, until you cool down.

Benefits of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for anger:
Therapist helps persons with anger issues to discover the root causes of frustration which triggers anger and inculcates them the healthy ways to avoid or cope up with the situations that provoke their anger. Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy helps individuals to regulate their emotions and this technique empowers an individual to handle stressful circumstances. The therapist will help individuals to lead a calm life irrespective of their emotional imbalance.


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